Find out your English level!

Benvenuto a questo quiz per testare il tuo livello di inglese e aiutarti a scegliere il corso di gruppo più adatto alle tue capacità!

Di seguito troverai un centinaio di domande a scelta multipla. Seleziona la risposta che credi essere corretta.

Prenditi il tuo tempo e non barare! Le domande diventano man mano più complicate; quindi, se ad un certo punto vedi che non ce la fai più, scorri fino in fondo alla pagina e clicca SUBMIT: verrai indirizzato al tuo risultato!

___ name is David
They ___ from Scotland
___ are you from?
What do you do? - I'm ___ student.
Peter ___ at seven o'clock
___ you like this DVD?
We ___ live in a flat
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, ___
___ he play tennis?
Have you ___ a car?
___ some money here
We ____ got a garage
Those shoes are very ___
Have you got a pen? - Yes, I ____
It is a busy, ___ city
They ___ at home yesterday
I ___ there for a long time
He didn't ____ glasses
The restaurant was ___ busy
Do you like the red ___?
He ___ to Brazil on business
Yesterday was the ___ of April
She's got ____ hair
I ___ play football at the weekend
I ___ in an armchair at the moment
My brother is older ___ me
Their car is ____ biggest on the road
It's the ___ interesting of his films
The phone's ringing: ___ answer it!
Do you ___ classical or rock music?
He has ___ breakfast
The ___ have seen it before
I've never met an actor ____!
____ is very good exercise
Have you ___ been on a winter sports holiday
I can't ___ another language
They ___ pay for the tickets
___ old is their car?
Are you ___ for one or two weeks?
Stephen ___ to visit his parents
I don't ___ getting up early
We ___ like to see the mountains
They ___ ever check their emails
They won't come, ____ they?
He ___ know how to spell it
Agnes ___ to the radio all morning
They ___ come to the cinema with us
I like this song. ___ do I
We ____ at 8 o'clock
They are going ___ in America next month
This is the cinema ___ we saw the film
Have you ever ___ in a jazz band?
I'm ___ when I'm with you
This is ___ than I thought
Can you tell me the way ____?
Do you know what ___?
Were you ___ to open that door?
Everybody ___ wear a seat belt in the car
Tom has lived in this town ___ 3 years
We ___ work in that factory
I think it ___ be sunny tomorrow
He ___ like his brother
___ does your boyfriend look like?
I've got ___ many problems
If we get up in time, ____ the train
They ___ to go to France for a year
I'm working ___ to pass my exam
I'm writing ____ ask you to explain
He said that most problem ___ by teenagers
What ___ to do at the weekend?
Football ___ in most countries
Who was ___ the door?
We ___ lunch when you telephoned
Your work is ____ better
She could play the piano ____ she could walk
The train was cancelled, so we ___
The problem was ___ solved
It was a difficult journey, but I ___ get home
We had not ____ heard the news
We arrived at the station, but the bus ___ earlier
We can ___ walk or go by car
If I ___ enough money, I'd buy a new car
It ___ correctly
The accident wouldn't have happened, if I ___ more careful
It ___ be possible some time in the future
Schools back then ____ having more children in the class
We ___ to go to work at 6 in the morning
They ___ an old photograph of the place
I ___ I had been able to meet her
We'll ____ our exams by this time next month
I will do badly in my work, ____ try harder
I ___ wasted my time when I was at university
This is going to be my chance to ____ any difficulties
It was difficult at first, but I soon ____ it
How did you manage to cook ___ a good meal?
The solution had been found, ___ we hadn't realized it
She ___ how I had been doing it for that long
They ____ heard us coming, we were making a lot of noise
He ___ to help me with the decorating

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