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Find out your English level!

Benvenuto a questo quiz per testare il tuo livello di inglese e aiutarti a scegliere il corso di gruppo più adatto alle tue capacità!

Di seguito troverai un centinaio di domande a scelta multipla. Seleziona la risposta che credi essere corretta.

Prenditi il tuo tempo e non barare! Le domande diventano man mano più complicate; quindi, se ad un certo punto vedi che non ce la fai più, scorri fino in fondo alla pagina e clicca SUBMIT: verrai indirizzato al tuo risultato!

They ___ from Scotland

How old are you? - I ___ 25 years old.

These are my ___.

This is Jane and this is ___ cousin.

I love ___.

What are ___? - These are my shoes.

Is this ___ book?

No, that book is ___.

What do you do? - I’m ___ student.

How ___ do you study English?

Can he swim? - Yes, he ___.

Yesterday I ___ a pizza.

I ___ go to school by bus, I always take the car.

She ___ to work by bike.

What time ___?

They go to Scotland ___ summer.

I phone my sister every day ___ 6pm.

Is that ___ book you’re reading?

My daughter ___ blue eyes.

My sister ___ sunglasses.

___ can I find my bag?

Your bag is ___ the shelf.

How many ___ are there?

I sent ___ a letter.

Do you like ___ English?

She ___ like avocado.

How can ___ like avocado?!

Oh, no, I insist! You ___ to pay for the meal!

Damn! I ___ coffee on my new dress!

What are you ___?

When you are on a bus, you ___ speak to the driver.

This is my sister, she’s ___ me.

I don’t know what ___!

I can’t help him cheat on the test, but I don’t want to spoil our friendship. What ___ I do?

Two months ago I ___ to Spain.

Have you ___ been to Spain?

We ___ married for 25 years.

I ___ married in 2018.

Who is ___ student in our class?

When we were younger, we ___ spend a lot of time in the woods.

I don't ___ getting up early

Excuse me, ___ I ask you a question?

If you go to Paris, you ___ visit the Louvre!

Oh, look! ___ some money in here!

___ they at home yesterday?

He didn’t ___ his glasses in the swimming pool, of course!

The restaurant was ___ crowded!

23. Do you like the red ___?

Someone knocked on the door. I ___ open it.

We ___ married next month, on the 25th.

He told me ___ his secretary stole some money.

We have been living here ___ I was just a baby.

What ___ you do if you had superpowers?

She told me that she ___ me.

I’m not used to ___ so much attention. I don’t like it.

If I had lived in the 19° century, I ___ a farmer.

While we were going shopping, our car ___ at the mechanic

We ___ an old photo of your parents.

That girl, ___ father is a football player, is crying.

I don’t think we ___ win the competition

It’s time we ___ home.

I ___ wasted my time when I was at university.

I regret ___ you that you’re ugly. You’re not. I’m sorry.

We regret ___ you that you have not passed our test.

I’ll do badly in my job, if I ___ try harder.

It was difficult at first, but I soon ____ it.

How did you ___ this?

I’m surprised. This is ___ tasty dish!

Have you ever ___ by a stranger?

I ___ hit by someone.

What were you hit ___?

I attempted ___, but I slipped on a wet leaf and fell.

We must postpone ___ to London.

They decided to ___ with their trip anyway.

They did it anyway, ___ the bad weather and our advice.

Let me give you ___ advice.

We should ___ to you more carefully, but we didn’t.

___ I call your mother for you?

This full-day concert is quite ___.

The ___ we are, the ___ it is!

I can’t believe you lived here for ___ many years!

This is ___ shame!

We must leave ___!

I ___ you didn’t speak so loudly.

I wish you ___ say that.

If only I ___ taller, I could reach that branch!

Don’t worry for me. I ___ be back before you know it.

I have a bad cough and the doctor told me I ___ stop smoking.

If I stopped ___, I could solve many of my health problems!

€50 ___ be enough for the night.

___ worrying news.

If I ___ to the library that day, I ___ my soulmate.

If you ___ every day, you learn more.

I ___ yesterday at the salon.

Coffee ___ in Ghana.

If you were depressed, why didn’t you talk to ___?

I have a big room with a window that opens ___ the sea.

How long ___ to get to school?

___ do you like?

You can use my car ___ tomorrow.

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