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7 steps to build your positive mental health

Steps to build mental health

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How to build one’s own positive mental health is something that many people are concerned about these days. We live in a world in which our days are usually filled with a busy schedule and lots of problems to deal with. In addition to that, we have to be always ready to take control of every single aspect of our life. It’s easy to lose grip on what’s more important.

But mostly, we lose our mental health. Every time we let ourselves go with anger, disbelief, and irritability, we change our attitude from what it should be (relaxed and positive) to what we don’t want it to be (negative).

This is why I want to share in this article seven ways to keep ourselves from losing our positive mental health. Let’s see them together.

Build your positive mental health #1: VISUALIZATION

Visualization does not mean daydreaming, although it is quite similar.

You just have to create mental pictures of what you want. And how exactly this is not daydreaming is easy. You have to be realistic with your own desires.

Let’s face it: visualizing yourself next to Queen Elizabeth II is not realistic unless you are one of her immediate circle and family. 

So keep it real: do you want to be happy? How can you do that? What do you need in order to achieve that happiness you want?

Build your positive mental health #2: AFFIRMATION

Do you always have that little voice in your head, criticizing everything you do? I sure did! Nothing was acceptable or good enough to make it shut up.

This is where I started forcing myself into affirmation. What is it, exactly? You must tell yourself (or that annoying voice in your head) positive statements, designed to re-program the subconscious mind.

Here, too, please remember to keep it real. Start with ”you are doing better”, not with ”you are the best”. Unless you find that it helps…

Build your positive mental health #3: ADDRESS YOUR SPIRITUALITY

Spirituality is as much part of us as the rational, touchable world is.

To some, it means believing in God. To others, meditating.

What’s more important is that you don’t deny that you also have spiritual needs. You must nurture your soul in the best way possible.

I do that by reading the Bible every day: I find that it relaxes me and it helps me to analyze my own behavior and attitude towards people and the world.

Build your positive mental health #4: RELAXATION

It will never be said enough: take. some. time. for. yourself!

You need it! You depend on it!

Taking some time for oneself helps to focus on priorities, to draw the line between what has been done and what still needs to be done.

Even if you have a busy life, busier than ever, you still need those 5-10 minutes a day to get a cup of coffee, tea or whichever liquid you prefer, look outside the window, read a book, meditate on your life. Then you can go back to your angry boss or your screaming family.

Build your positive mental health #5: SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS

Just when I’ve told you to cherish your time by yourself, I tell you to socialize!

It is not a contradiction, believe me. You do need to work on your social relationships. Either with your immediate family, your group of friends or your special one, learn to socialize, for real.

Know how to listen to them, and how to be of help. Laugh with them. Allow yourself to be vulnerable around them because if they chose you at the beginning, they will keep loving you even more after.

Build your mental health #6: GOALS

Setting goals is not unusual. But how can we do it in a way that is both effective and easy (we don’t want things to be too complicated. You know… Mental health!)?

First of all, learn to prioritize. Choose what is really more important in your life and stick to it.

Then, divide the steps that lead to your final target in many smaller goals. Make them reasonable, make them reachable. Then go get your prize!

Build your mental health #7: SENSE OF HUMOR

Some good old fashioned sense of humor can ease stress and improve your outlook and attitude. And that’s exactly what we want!



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Build your mental health

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