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Logico o creativo

Che cervello hai? – Il METODO DI STUDIO per l’emisfero destro e quello sinistro

L’avrete sentita anche voi la storia della predominanza cerebrale, l’emisfero sinistro a confronto con il destro e le conseguenti differenze di personalità e pensiero. Il lato sinistro più logico, calcolatore e preciso e il lato destro creativo, impulsivo e intuitivo. In questo articolo vedremo come possiamo sfruttare questa cosa per creare il perfetto metodo di studio, partendo da un mito da sfatare: la predominanza non è così importante come si crede.

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Steps to build mental health

7 steps to build your positive mental health

[Please note that this article is part of a blog that teaches English to Italian speakers. I am Italian and English is not my mother tongue, so allow me to make a few mistakes. To anyone who’s new, welcome to the English part of my blog! To all my usual readers, take this as an opportunity to test your language skills! Are you ready?]



How to build one’s own positive mental health is something that many people are concerned about these days. We live in a world in which our days are usually filled with a busy schedule and lots of problems to deal with. In addition to that, we have to be always ready to take control of every single aspect of our life. It’s easy to lose grip on what’s more important.

But mostly, we lose our mental health. Every time we let ourselves go with anger, disbelief, and irritability, we change our attitude from what it should be (relaxed and positive) to what we don’t want it to be (negative).

This is why I want to share in this article seven ways to keep ourselves from losing our positive mental health. Let’s see them together.

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